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What Others Are Saying About Ben Gioia and His Strategies:

“What resonates the most with me about Ben is his heartfelt and patient approach, blended with skillful coaching aimed at achieving results.

Ben offers an array of ideas, resources and a strategic plan that gives traction to your vision while staying connected to the heart of your business.”

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Conscious Capitalism – In Your Part of The World – Heart Stock Radio Interview, KBMF 102.5

My thanks to Carole Murphy and Clark Grant of Heart Stock Radio (KBMF 102.5) for spreading the word, through the airwaves, about Conscious Capitalism.                 Please enjoy Episode #2 with Carole Murphy and yours truly, Ben Gioia, by clicking down below the text.   Carole and I had the pleasure of discussing the benefits of Conscious Capitalism, specifically:   the difference between the old and new paradigms of business, and how Conscious Capitalism can help you create more influence, income, and impact;   simple ways that you can bring more consciousness and / or mindfulness into your work (nutshell: you just start from where you are right now);   strategies to bring conscious business practices into your community, whether you’re starting from scratch or ready to take the next step;   how to use business as a tool for good and express your purpose, even if you feel limited or restricted by where you live;   the power of holding a bigger vision for your business, even when (and especially because) you can’t predict the future.   and so much more…   The show airs Sundays at 2 PM MST and also can be found online by clicking... read more

Ben Gioia Interview By Nancy Ferrari and Caren Glasser

I’m delighted to be interviewed on Connecting People, Changing Lives, a web/tv talk show on the Spark It Network with Caren Glasser and Nancy Ferrari. On June 11th (at 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET) we’ll be discussing: • What is Marketing With a Heart and who is it for? • Are entrepreneurs and companies seeing the value of this approach? • How can people use story and empathy to make their businesses more successful? • What’s the difference between manipulation and ethical influence? • and more… Please join me and share with folks who you know will benefit from this information.... read more

Conscious Marketing Is Better Marketing

Did you know that conscious marketing and conscious business will make your company or organization more profitable, more successful, and more sustainable? It’s also more fun and fulfilling than just chasing after profit…which is often at the expense of your health, your relationships, your happiness, and the planet. It’s what companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Google, IBM, Starbuck’s, Trader Joe’s, Method, Patagonia, Zappos, General Mills, and Whole Foods are putting into practice every day. It’s what thought leaders like Accenture, Goldman Sachs, Harvard Business School, McKinsey and Company, and PricewaterhouseCoopers are proving time and again. It’s what global movements, like Conscious Capitalism, are helping people understand. Conscious business outperforms traditional business. And it’s not just a handful of businesses or a handful of results. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index has performed an average of 36.1% better than the traditional Dow Jones Index over a period of five years. And conscious marketing outperforms traditional marketing. Because it’s not that “old school” marketing that relies on pressure, fear, manipulation, lies, false hope, sales tactics, and hard closes. (Imagine, for a moment, the stereotypical, sleazy, used car salesman in a cheap, plaid suit.) Instead, it’s about inspiring, educating, adding value, creating trust, and changing lives. It’s about creating authentic relationships with your clients, customers, and other people your business touches—while giving them tremendous value—so they literally become the voice of your business. It’s about using social media to serve your audience (instead of sell-sell-sell), so you’ll spend less on paid advertising which is generally the bulk of most marketing budgets. Those are only some of the the things that you can accomplish... read more

Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, and Me

Have you ever been told you couldn’t do something? What was your instinctive response? Mine has always been ‘Oh, yeah? Watch me!!!’ That’s not to say I wasn’t scared (and sometimes a little slow to act), but I never let that stop me. Likewise, my friend Rémy Chaussé was told it’s impossible to help others getUNstuck in under-30 minutes…and she’s proven everyone wrong. And on April 23rd we are going to show you how you can shake off the shackles and getUNstuck, too. It’s FREE and it’s the best 30 minutes you’ll spend all week. Check it out by clicking here. Rémy is America’s #1 UNstuckologist. If life is throwing you a curve ball, she’s your go-to girl.   She has attracted some serious names to the GetUNstuck Expert Café including: • Jack Canfield – author of The Success Principles and the face of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® franchise • Marci Shimoff – one of the best selling female nonfiction authors of all time • Bob Doyle – from The Secret • John Lee Dumas – from Entrepreneur on Fire (“Best of iTunes”)   And…me!   I’m honored and grateful to be a guest expert on the GetUNstuck Expert Café Thursday, April 23rd at 10:00am Pacific. You’ll love what I’ll be sharing with you: 1. When you do conscious marketing, how and why you’ll spend only 10-25% of your industry average on getting the word out there. 2. How to help people make a choice that’s good for them and good for you…so it delivers value and creates positive transformation in their lives. 3. The one simple strategy that will triple your... read more

Meditation and Mindfulness For Conscious Leaders

I’ve been sitting for almost 10 years. Some people might call this meditation, mindfulness, awareness, being conscious, or being present. Let’s not worry about words right now. Let’s look at results instead. I couldn’t live without this practice. Let me rephrase: I wouldn’t live without this practice. Meditation has been incredibly beneficial for keeping me healthy (mentally, physically, emotionally), reducing stress, managing anger, working with grief, dealing with physical pain, and supporting my journey as a conscious leader. Meditation and mindful awareness help conscious leaders be aligned to their highest purpose, get in touch with all aspects of themselves, and be flexible and adaptive to what’s happening around them. There is a wealth of academic, scientific, and anecdotal evidence that meditation helps millions of people on a multitude of levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), every single day. More and more companies (think Google) are bringing meditation into the workplace because it: 1. makes communication better; 2. helps employees be happier and healthier while increasing loyalty and decreasing absenteeism; and 3. increases clarity, focus, productivity, profitability and growth. If you do a quick search on the web, you’ll find articles on CNN Money, Forbes, Huffington Post, Bloomberg Business and many other news outlets about how these practices contribute to business success and personal happiness. You may be thinking, “But I don’t have time!” My response: “Yes you do. I know you can find 21 minutes in your day.” That is, IF you want things to change in your business and your life. There’s the key, right there. You know things can be better. It’s true for me too. There’s always... read more

Giuseppe Fratoni Interviews Ben Gioia About Marketing With A Heart

Here is my interview with Giuseppe Fratoni from Rome, Italy about Marketing With A Heart. I’ve also listed the questions that he asks below the video. • You say that “Marketing, selling and persuasion are service”. I totally agree with you, but the words marketing, selling and persuasion are often associated with manipulation, pressure and sleazy salesmen. Can you explain your point? • What exactly is Marketing With a Heart? • How did you develop this approach to marketing and business? • Most businesses focus on profit…because businesses obviously can’t survive without it. But you talk about People, Purpose, and Profit…as a new way to do business. Why do you focus on all 3? • You say Marketing WIth A Heart is a Principle Based approach to business. In the book, you say that principles are different than values. Can you talk more about this and why it’s important? • How does your approach resonate with business owners? Is it difficult to convince them to embrace your system? • Do you think that Marketing With A Heart is a viable option both for small businesses and big companies? • Let’s talk about the implementation of the system. What are the key steps? • Does it take longer to “make money” using this approach? • You are a coach and in your book you talk about your work with some of your clients. In fact for every chapter in the book there’s a case study. What are the most common challenges and frustrations that business owners face today? #marketing #business #marketingtips #businesstips... read more

LinkedIn Strategies – How To Post Blogs and Develop Relationships

In this 5-ish minute video, you’ll learn how to post a blog on LinkedIn. I’ll also share some strategies that you can use to develop relationships and grow your business. (FYI if you post a video (which I describe in this video) I recommend that you make the width 600px). Important Note: Posting content on LinkedIn is only one piece of the puzzle to your marketing strategy. These days, it’s all about creating great content and then getting it in front of people. So I’ve developed a simple framework for you. It’s what I use to syndicate my content. It’s also the system that I help all of my clients use, so they can get more traffic, more optins, and more sales. I’ve said it…and I’ll say it again. It’s simple. All you need to do is create just one piece of great content each week. Then use this framework to make what you wrote (or recorded) into 10+ pieces of content. You’ll learn how to easily take one piece of great content and (very quickly) repurpose it: blog, YouTube channel, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, podcast, and more. What this means to you is… • 10X+ the mileage • 10X+ the exposure • 10X+ the authority You’ll get people to your website, get them on your list, and get them to invest in you. Imagine all the people you’ll help without the headache and time suck of always having to create new content! Get this amazing framework right now by clicking here.  ... read more

Fear Is The Enemy And Trust Is The Armor

What The Wisdom of Master Po Will Teach You About Sales and Ethical Business I grew up in New York City at a time when martial arts movies were on TV every week. (This was back in the stone age when there were only a dozen or so television channels.) Chuck Norris was round-house kicking…everyone. Quentin Tarantino was getting inspired for the Kill Bill movies. The Wu Tang Clan’s entire mythology (and a few of their album titles) came from this unique time in human history. David Carradine was walking the Earth as Grasshopper on the TV show Kung Fu. This is where I first encountered Master Po’s magic words, “Fear is the enemy. Trust is the armor.” And this where I want you to pay close attention, even if you haven’t the slightest idea about anything I’ve written so far. (I’m reliving my 5th and 6th grades, so stick with me for just a little longer…) (Ok done.) This is about sales. And trust. And FEAR. How fear can be the greatest enemy to your business… And what to do about this…if you’re a coach, speaker, author, seminar leader, information marketer, consultant, healer, trainer, conscious marketer or solopreneur…who is focused on making a difference and creating transformation for your clients. (Find out more by clicking here.) • You want to help people because you can’t imagine living your life any other way. • You want to make money because you know it is the fuel for your mission. • And you know that you can help even more people when you make more money. But then…the fear of... read more

Starting 2015 With Your Exit Strategy (or The Curse of The Golden Handcuffs)

Maybe it’s you? Maybe it’s someone you know. Maybe it’s both… Let’s say it’s you for the sake of this post. It’s you. You have a message, product, or service that you know will help people. (Perhaps it has already.) But you also have a job. Maybe you like your job. Maybe you don’t. But you know one thing, for sure. The job is keeping you from getting your message, product, or service out there…in a big way. Or at least in a big enough way that you can confidently step away from that job. And do what you really want to do. Believe me, I know what that’s like. I spent almost 9 years in the New York publishing world…climbing the corporate ladder…moving from magazine to magazine…doing work that I loved (for real)…and making more and more money (golden handcuffs). (Modern Bride to Colonial Homes to Conde Nast Traveler then finally to AARP The Magazine…) But there was always that spark, that dream, that dissatisfaction deep inside of me. It took a few years to even be able to put my finger on it. Nope, it wasn’t anxiety, angst, or agita. Just the dawning realization that I was meant for more. I’d done what I needed to do in the magazine world. It was time for the next step. I finally figured out that my purpose in life is to serve people. But I didn’t know how. I was terrified. I was stuck. And I felt safe and secure thanks to those lovely, golden handcuffs. Then one day it happened. (Well, it had actually been coming for a... read more

The 90 Day Business Builder and Authority PLATFORM Machine

Hey it’s Ben, Before your brain locks into full holiday mode…allow me just a few of those remaining neurons, just enough to read these words then join me this Friday at 10am Pacific. Why? Because, by now you’ve probably heard it all…about doing your business online: • The promise of quick money… “Just upload this, press that, and you’re ready to go…gobs of cash!” • How easy it is to use that one “magic formula” to make it all happen… “If you can bake chocolate chip cookies, you will master this in no time! Better get your napping shoes on because you’ll have more free time than you can imagine!” • How you’re failing (and will continue to fail) as a human being if you don’t buy that next shiny object right now…. “Your kids are growing up without their parents because you don’t have a job that let’s you stay at home. So they’re smoking weed, getting pregnant, and playing with guns…and it’s not even 9am!” What’s that? You don’t have pregnant, weed-smoking, gun toting kids? Then I’m sure some masterful copywriter has found another way to make you feel ashamed because you don’t yet have your million dollar, 4 hour work week business. But don’t worry. I’m not here to do that. Those kind of tactics completely contradict what I’m about (as well as my business philosophy / framework, Marketing With A Heart™). I’m here to give you the truth. But this note is not about me…it’s about this upcoming event that I mentioned above. The 90 Day Business Builder and Authority P.L.A.T.F.O.R.M. Machine You’re going... read more

Marketing Psychology – Why Do They Run When The Doors Start Closing?

DID YOU EVER notice how people casually walk toward the elevator? But as soon as they see the doors closing, they run? This is a perfect analogy for the psychological influence triggers of urgency and scarcity. There is only one elevator (at least for the moment) and there’s suddenly a deadline to get inside. It’s critical to use these triggers in your marketing, selling, and influence because you want to help people take action. Deadlines create urgency and limited quantities (or space) create scarcity. It also helps when you frame urgency in the context of an idea, theme, or story (your birthday, International Hug Day, your big epiphany, etc.) Consider this… • You’re selling a program you’ve already offered, but now at a discount. And your sale will only be three days long (so you don’t have to do any major marketing ahead of time). • Pick a reason that will get people’s attention. Tell them what you’re offering, the price, why you’re doing this now, that there are limited quantities (as long as it’s true), and why. Email them once each day (over the three days) to trigger urgency and scarcity. Often, it’s in the last 6 hours that 50% of your sales will happen… How To Use It My client Candice I were strategizing how to use urgency and scarcity (ethically) to test a new idea. She wanted to offer a four week training program. I recommended that she write the sales page (which articulates the framework, features, benefits, and ultimate benefits of the program), but not to create the content. She would promote the training for... read more